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     For the past 20 years, we here at Hole-in-One ETC have worked extremely hard in building relationships with those we do business with.  At the end of the day, it’s the “relationship sell” that we try and create with our clients from day one. It’s a simple recipe of being honest in who we are and what we do and having each other’s best interests at heart. 

     And we are proud to say it continues to be the key ingredients to our success to date.

     Hole-in-One ETC has been serving car dealers from across the country with hole-in-one prize promotions that put them front and center when they get behind local community golf tournaments each year.  And there is no better feeling for all involved when a lucky winner gets handed the keys to a brand new car by making that lucky shot of a lifetime!

     We have hundreds of people living across the nation who have a car dealer to thank for making this happen!

     Through the years, we have created a one stop shop when it comes to golf tournaments looking for those services to make their event a success. Everything from hole-in-one prizing to signage to banners to golf prizes to putting contests…our course of action comes from the direction of our clients and what they need. We don’t need to be everything to everybody, we our happy to be just someone our client can count on and deliver. 

     We offer sensible promotional ideas to our clients when it comes to their individual events. We value their time and their budget needs and work towards getting our clients what they need so we can hear from them again.  From the local service club volunteer to the professional executive, we appreciate their business and are excited to serve them and exceed their expectations of us. It’s this type of audition that has allowed us to continue to work with various professional sports teams, retail stores and associations from all across the country for more than two decades.

    In a competitive business world which often at times leaves one always looking out for someone they can trust and want to work with for their needs, it should be refreshing for them to know that Hole-in-One ETC is looking for them as well and we sure hope to get together soon.

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We encourage and invite you to lean on us.  We're here to share our experience and offer advice on what is working for other Events, Tournaments  and Contests.  "Give us a shot, we'll make it worth it."


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